Holes in RPGs

I like to leave holes in my games. It works with how I run games, how I think my games are best run. But not everyone likes holes. I’ve received lots of “feedback” from people who have read or played my games, where they think the games are incomplete. It’s not uncommon for me to…

Resistance System – Part 1

I’m really flighty with which project I’m working on can actually hold my attention. I bounce from one thing to the next, doing surface level work until something grabs me and won’t let go. Recently, I got it in my head to go back to two of my previously released games, and think about what…

Thoughts Over Coffee

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Pittsburgh as I write this first post. A lot of my time thinking about games centers around drinking coffee. A lot of my time in general centers around drinking coffee. In case you don’t know me, I’m Spencer Campbell. I’m an indie TTRPG designer out of Chicago. I…

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